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Let me introduce myself. My name's Demri and I'm a lover of authenticity, people and wine. My titles include (but aren't limited to) - photographer, dog mom, self love advocate and professional hype man. My mission in life is to help others see how incredible they truly are through the use of authentic storytelling and real talk! (Which you will find on my Insta). Photography is so much more to me than just taking pretty pictures. It's a way of connecting with people and it has allowed me to find my true self. I started my business in 2014, went full time in 2018 and haven't looked back since. I feel so dang blessed to be able to do what I do!

If I'm not behind the camera you'll either find me by the water, car dancing (most likely to Cardi B), taking laps around Target or at home binging my favorite tv shows. Life is all about balance am I right? I'm a firm believer in creating intentional conversation, coming up with bad dad jokes, and celebrating every Taco Tuesday / Wine Wednesday. Every day I strive to be a light and truly want to be your number one supporter. So! When you book with Demri Rayanne Photography, you not only get a photographer but a life long friend. 

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